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Aluminium Anodising - Oxidation

tion - anodic oxidization of the small and medium aluminium parts, the maximum dimensions being: 1400 x 250 x 900 cm and max. 20-25 kg. The eloxation – anodization – anodic oxidization: is an electrochemical process consisting of obtaining a protective coat of resistant and homogenous aluminium oxide, that insures the anticorrosive protection. It is made by electrolysis (using direct ...

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Zinc electroplating – metals covering with a layer of Zinc

ivation based on trivalent chrome: This is liquid passivation, based on trivalent chrome, meant for all zinc plating processes, which grants a bluish shade to zinc plated parts. The scope of covering metals by electrochemical zinc plating is: Protection of the main metal against corrosion and wear; Decorative finishing, where appearance and resistance are important features; Use as support f ...