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Nickel plating – Metals covering with a layer of nickel

Blando srl is specialized in static nickel plating on frames or nickel plating in drums (covering metals with a layer of nickel) of small and average size metal parts, the maximum dimensions being: 1400 x 400x 1000 mm having a weight of maximum 200Kg.

Electrochemical nickel plating: This is an electrochemical process consisting of obtaining a resistant and homogenous protective nickel layer (matt or gloss) providing corrosion protection.

Metals are immersed in baths heated at 50-60 degrees, permanently bubbled and filtered, through electrolysis (application of 1-10 A/dm2 direct current) in a bath based on nickel salts (nickel chloride, nickel sulphate, boric acid), in terms of stern control of concentrations of chemical components, temperature, current etc.

The thickness of the obtained nickel layer varies between 5-25 microns, according to the value of parameters set up during the nickel plating process (currents, immersion duration, etc.).

The scope of covering metals by electrochemical nickel plating is:

  • Protection of the main metal against corrosion and wear;
  • Decorative finishing, where appearance and resistance are important features;
  • Use as support for another electrochemical covering (chrome plating)



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